The Journey of The Heart

Integral Personal Development

Our mission

To maintain alive a place where people can directly experience the state of Presence
and non-ordinary, expanded, States of Consciousness.

To create and develop workshops, seminars, conferences, online programs
based on the healing potential of the Expanded States of Consciousness.

To awaken the true potential in people and, through integral personal development
and to manifest it into the world.

To guide and support people in their psycho-spiritual transformation process
and also to support them into gently integrate all these processes in their daily life.

To educate people in the spirit of The Inner Master.
To guide people towards acknowledging and manifesting their own and unique gifts.

To inspire people to find their own way in life and their inner truth.
To share with others what knowledge by direct experience means.
To share with as many people as possible the inner healing instruments.
To share with others the experience, information and tools that defines The Inner Master
Communion. Community. Together is easier!
To become ourselves the change we want to see in the world.

Who we are

We are a community of thousands of  people from around the world.
We strongly believe that through the inner transformation of each individual we can transform the world.

What we write

In each of us lives „The Master”. Asleep. He waits to be woken and most of all lived. Mastery is about two things. The first is Perception or Consciousness, meaning the depth of reality of which we are able to…

Our courses

The Journey to wholeness is a journey to what you already are, and not a journey outside of you. This is why, during the entire online Retreat, I invite you to create an opened attitude…


Horia & Elena Francisc Țurcanu
Transpersonal Therapists, Mentors,
Life & Holistic Coaches

The Inner Master School

All the programs, workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences held by The Journey of the Heart are united under the name of The Inner Master School. It’s mission is the inner transformation through Awareness.


“ The Art of Deep Listening led me within a process of introspection, of being aware of fears, rejections, delays. Old emotions torn, sometimes confusion, but also curiosity. Days are flowing… none is the same, as I used to think… I woke up full of life, I can’t wait to listen to you, and to listen to myself. ”


About Us

Horia Francisc Țurcanu is a Transpersonal Therapist, a Guide in Journeys of Consciousness expansion, a Life Coach for those who desire personal and integral development and a Mentor for those in a psycho-spiritual transformation.

He creates and facilitates Personal Integrated Development workshops. He structured and integrated the assembly of experiential practices and theoretical conclusions named The Inner Master Path, and orientations like Conscious Breathing, The Practice and The State of Presence and The Heart Breath method.

Horia’s passion is working with the deepest contents of the human psychic and bringing them into Awareness for ontological, therapeutically and inner transformation purposes. He creates and guides Consciousness Exploring Sessions, both personal and in groups…

Elena Francisc Turcanu is a Psychologist and a Transpersonal Therapist, a Life and Holistic Coach for those who desire personal and integral development, a Guide into deep Journeys of Expanded States of Consciousness and a Mentor for those going through a psycho-spiritual emergency.

She creates and holds workshops on Integral Personal Development. She structured and synthesized important orientations within The Inner Master Path like: The Practice of The Feminine PowerThe Dance of the Heart and The Heart Breath method.

A Master in working with the refined energies of Being, a Teacher and a Holistic Healer. She studied with Stanislav Grof and brought the Holotropic Breathwork in Romania. She also studied and worked with Dr. Richard Moss, John Welwood, Tony Robbins & more.

Your Journey of the Heart is about to begin