The Inner Master’s Call

Horia Francisc Țurcanu                                                                                 

The Inner Master’s Call

In each of us lives „The Master”. Asleep. He waits to be woken and most of all lived. Mastery is about two things. The first is Perception or Consciousness, meaning the depth of reality of which we are able to perceive. The Second is Integration, meaning the measure in which we manage to live in accord with what we perceive, with our most comprehensive Truth. Both dimensions of the Inner Mastery are fundamental and they condition the quality of our life experience. If our Perception is limited to the visible dimension of existence, the Identity we assume is limited by the narrow and restrictive world of shapes, filled with conditionings. It is the way in which most people live. It becomes a way of life so painful that at some point it triggers a „spiritual search” or „self-searching”.

Each of us, sooner or later finds the fundamental ways of spiritual exploration. They are part of our very being. They were never hidden, though they were considered „occult”. They are the instruments of life itself. Once discovered, the experiencing the expansion of Perception becomes possible. We start living truths that are larger than the usual, we discover that we can become aware of dimensions of Reality which are higher and more profound than the linear life experience. This happens in certain places, with certain people, in circles of exploration. Together, it is always easier. But people mostly get stuck with the difficulty of Integrating. How can we make it so we can live in this world at the height and intensity of our spiritual experiences? How can we become what we, to ourselves, know that we are? The entire world opposes this transformation, even the people we love the most. This is the second challenge.

And still, the Inner Master’s call becomes stronger and stronger. It becomes a heart-breaking desire of truth, of inner freedom. Once tasted, the splendour of the Inner Being never fades. We will hunger for release, we will hunger after that which we truly are. Sooner or later in this life or in another, we will eventually have the courage to live up to the beauty and greatness of the being living inside us. It is a matter of assumption.

This is The Journey of The Heart which we all embark on, sooner or later. The Journey from the platitude of Perception, to the spherical dimension of our Soul’s perception, from ego, to awakened being, from small, meager, man, self-censored by fear, to the beauty of existence unshackled by the Master.

The Journey of The Heart or the journey of Consciousness

We do not realise, but the only search of one’s life is that of completion. Each action, each gesture, each relationship we build, each emotion we live, each thought that we emit is part of this search of wholeness. In other words, the intense feeling that something is missing from our existence is with us constantly, ever since we are children until the transformation called death. When we are children we search for wholeness in our parent’s arms, later we search for it in our partners, in love, in sexuality, in relationships, in friendships. And later we search for it in knowledge, in philosophy, in science, in systems, poetry, arts, in our social roles of saviours of the world, so that eventually, inevitably, we return to ourselves and to what we are deep down. We discover that we’ve spent our life, and whole lives searching, in an attempt to fill that inner void with something. We’ve made missions out of a thousand of things which we thought would bring us peace, but peace never came, and each thing or relationship we tried to fill the void of Meaning, proved to be too little. We needed ourselves.

The Heart’s Journey, through which each of us is going through is this search. What changes eventually throughout this search is our Consciousness. Meaning the depth of reality’s perception, of life experience.


The means of expanding perception were always at hand, but we never noticed them. Our mind had always thought, in its linear naivety, that it can contain the reality. This was never true. A line can never contain or imagine the Sphere of existence, neither the myriad of its dimensions. Because of fear, our helplessness to perceive an integral Reality has filled the whole Humanity – which is still identifying with its thinking. Everything that is „hidden”, everything we could not perceive, scares us. The only thing that dissolves the existential fear is the expansion of either Perception or Consciousness.

The Instruments of The Journey of Consciousness

For the longest time, the fracture between the linear, dense dimension, and the transcendent dimension of existence was so large, that it needed special conditions so that the expansion could be felt. It needed special places and special people, capable of opening the vertical axis for humanity, to open the bridges of perception, to make connections. They are priests from all times, people of the universal Temple of humanity, which expressed themselves through all times and through all mystic systems. Later, those who felt this call for Wholeness as the most powerful thing in their life, they would retreat in caves, in deserts, in their huts, in their hermitages to dedicate their lives to the direct experience of these different dimensions. It was the only way. It required isolation since the inner distance between the different layers of Being was immense.

But the means of experiencing were always the same. Cast in countless cultural forms and rituals, in countless schools, guidelines, and practices, in the centre of any experience was always the State of Presence, the great gate of perception. Humanity gave this many names and found countless ways to experience it. In essence being Present has to do with retreating your attention inward, with maintaining this sacred energy of the Being in its centre.

The second element which defines the State of being Present is being conscious of the Breath, which unifies the dimensions of Being. Conscious Breathing is an amazing instrument which brings perception to any of the inner dimensions, profound or high, of Being.

The third element is the Attitude. We can always choose if we are closed or open to what we perceive. Strange, but things, energies, situations, people, the contents of our consciousness in front of which we close ourselves, vanish with perception. This is how darkness has happened in the history of humanity. We’ve closed ourselves from any other reality other than the linear, horizontal one.

More or less forgotten, the means of perception or Consciousness have always been available to humanity. They were never hidden, but those who practiced the spherical living of reality were always persecuted because the systems of power and religion have never supported direct, independent experience. This was needed to keep power over humanity, someone had to have the „knowledge”, the „keys” of a complete experience.

But now days the veil, which in the past used to cover, or block, this knowledge, is pulled away. The simple means of spiritual existence are available now to everyone.  The only limit is in each person’s courage to validate the experience and to integrate it into our lives. The Inner Master is on the cusp of awakening in many. But few have the boldness to live it in each aspect of their lives.

The process of awakening, though, is inevitable and unstoppable. It is part of the Conscience movement as a whole, in spite of all the opposition from the already created systems of power and control. We are here for this feeling, for this experience, for this inner transformation. Its means are available to everyone now. The inner crisis is prolonged as long as we oppose it or fear change. Fortunately though, everywhere on this planet now there are Centres of Consciousness, Communities, in which people quickly discover that together it is easier. „Where there are two gathered in My name” as Christ said, „there I am with them”. This is the power of the collective dimensions of Conscience to catalyse the inner transformation and also to maintain the process.

This is the Heart’s Journey/what The Journey of The Heart represents. A space of experience, in which we make available all the means of direct experience with our own being, so that each can hear the voice of the Inner Master and so that each can follow it through his/her life.

The Mastery of living

It seemed that the great challenge is to live the expansion of Consciousness, the expansion of perception. Not anymore. Many people can now perceive the intensity of existence, they have moments, like flashes of perception, in which the gates open. There are spontaneous perceptions in the depths of reality in which people don’t know how to manage, which in most cases causes fear. In many cases these openings are met with medication, with antidepressants, understand what’s going on, very few are ready for this change in perception and paradigm. The way „the norm” is defined is narrow and takes the rational line as a basis, while our Being and our perceptions bring in experience irrational and multidimensional content.

Now, the challenge isn’t to perceive these dimensions, but to integrate them into a new way of living, of being in this world, of creating reality. The key word of these times is Integration. The Inner Master is a dimension of Self Consciousness which can’t be satisfied with being experienced just in a workshop or a sacred ceremony.

The Path of The Inner Master is a way of every day.s Life, a way of joy to live, of creativity and of greatness, freed up of conditioning, a path of self-recognition, of living the greatness of one’s being, of assuming one’s own reality of life and of the status of Creator. It is a path of transforming the way we think, the way we related to this world. A path of transforming our attitudes and our relationships.

Of course, when we explore the greatness of our own Being in a work session with the State of Presence, it’s extremely difficult to go back to the smallness and pettiness of a linear life. A conflict is born between the self-image we created and which we’ve poured into relationships and life creations, and the beauty of the Being which we live in Expansion. We can always choose, with each gesture, who we are. The great challenge is to integrate the perception we have of ourselves when we have a spiritual experience, with our existence in the linear space of existence, in the day to day life.

Usually, the ones close to us, which know us in our daily roles, will start to be amazed, then they will be outraged, then it’s possible they will be aggressive when we leave our usual roles. They will tell us we’ve gone mad, they’ll try to argument with the old texts of fear: the world is as it’s always been, it doesn’t depend on us. We are small beings bound to destiny, we need to do our duty and be subject to the mechanisms of this world. Nothing is farther away from the feeling of greatness, force and beauty of The Master about to awoken, feel the fact that reality is and always was our own creation and that everything is in our powers.

This conflict forces us to choose between the identities we assume. We can choose the old, beaten, safe paths of existence, which make us feel confined, unhappy, meaningless, like slaves that go in pre-defined circles, or we can choose to live up to the great vision of ourselves, to change the way we report to ourselves and to the whole of Creation.

It is not an easy choice, because the pressure of the horizontal dimension is huge. The past, our own old creation, wants to be preserved. But the stakes of transforming is a new life, a new joy to live which comes from free experience, of the free creation of reality.

There is no better measure of inner Mastery than the amount of happiness of our life experience.


The old ways of thinking. Very few people think freely and creatively, even if all of us likes to think this about ourselves. Just look at the knot of thoughts in one day. How much of the thoughts of one day is new, fresh and original or alive? We place great value in „my thinking, my ideas, my beliefs, my values”, but how many of them are truly „mine”? The vast majority of ideas are taken, borrowed, system of values adopted from others, from books, from movies, from common things, from „common sense”, things which don’t have anything original in them, which float in our culture’s conscience in which we all belong to and with which we all identify with. Thus, our thinking wanders between criticising the past and fearing the future, between speculation and repetition. The true value of thinking resides in focusing on things we want for ourselves, and for this world, it is an instrument of incarnating our visions, our intuitions. The first step is disciplining the way we think. To be conscious implies thinking when we want to do it. Most people can’t stop thinking compulsively, they are prisoners of a mental labyrinth which they feed endlessly and which generates existential fear. Reality isn’t problematic, the way we think about it is what creates problems.

Fearing change, fearing the unknown. It’s one and the same with fearing the dimensions which we cannot perceive, fearing our own greatness. The fear of macro dimensions of our own being. It can only be destroyed by the direct experience of those dimensions. This experience, integrated in our daily lives, unshackles the creative forces that lay dormant within us. Brings the Master in the linear manifestation.

Indolence. Is a kind of existential laziness, it’s being complacent with the old ways of existence, the ordinary, in which we wallow like in a swamp. There is a certain degree of comfort in the swamp, but as change requires effort and attention, choice and actions.

The Pressure of systems and the environment. Mind your own business, keep your nose out of it, stay in line, disciplined, subservient of the mechanisms of this world, use common sense, like other people, with the herd, you’re not special, you’re nothing, you’re inconsequential, a grain of sand in the economy of this world! This is the pressure of the systems and the environment we live in. It is in total opposition with the voice of The Inner Master which tells you to find your calling, live splendidly, you are a creator of reality and a great being, free, everything is in your power, be authentic and brave, free and joyful, make the world you want, everything is possible.

Role resilience. We tend to conserve the realities we’ve created and to cling to them like something safe. We forget that they are only stories about ourselves. We end up believing it’s the only truth that represents us. All our roles can be changed at any time, all our attitudes, all our ways of thinking, all our emotions can be managed the way we want, all our relationships can be transformed. This is The Path of The Inner Master. This is conscious creation of reality.

The need for connection

When we are in the ego, in identification, our profound, universal nature manifests itself through the need for connection which takes countless forms. All our relationships, with parents, our children, with lovers and spouses, with friends and colleagues, all are expressions of the need for connection. The search for Truth and the search for god, the search for self and the need for understanding are expressions of the need for connection. The word connection can be replaced with “love”. Our profound nature isn’t personal but collective, transpersonal, archetypal. But these are just words. The need itself for connection is an experience we all feel and we fulfil it however we can. When we understand it, our life, our reference systems change/our life and our systems of reference change. The lack of connection – an ego which has borders and rigid identities, leads to fear, anger, violence and depression. The Way of the Inner Master/The Path of The Inner Master is the path towards aperture, of intense connection with what is. Identities become a dance with the world and with ourselves. They do not disappear, they become fluid, elegant, they are no longer inner prisons, but instead acts of creation.

The Heart’s journey/The Journey of The Heart fulfils the intense need for connection with ourselves, with others and with the Whole. It is a Circle, in which we explore the scope of our being and we get a feel for the collective dimensions of being. This brings joy and rest, dissolves fear, anger and frustration, guilt and shame, it cures old wounds of existence and washes away the coagulated energies called illness or disease. Together does not mean the removal of individuality, quite the contrary, an expansion of it, a release, a curing, an opening. The Inner Mastery is a way of navigating between the different identities and roles that we play, without attaching ourselves of one in particular, it is the consciousness of the Actor, of the Soul which spills energy in any role and in any masc. This allows for a new kind of connection with the existence, wider, and the feeling that we are in its centre, safely, and that existence holds us, sustains us. It is the feeling of wellness of a baby being held tightly by his mother. We are home, in the centre of reality, we are safe, Connexion.

The Sacred Circle of the Heart’s Journey/The Journey of The Heart, meaning those Conscious of the true nature of existence, brings the feeling of companionship, of truth being shared with other, as am I, living the same transformations, the same emotions, the same challenges, that I can share, and with which I feel safe. The Inner Master’s Voice exists in each of us. Finally we discover that there is more than one Master which manifests in all of us. It has to do with the collective dimensions, with the Christic consciousness of belonging to the Whole, with the awareness of the fact that a single Consciousness manifests through us all. All these coexist with the personal dimension of the human experience, but completely changes the reference to ourselves and to the whole.

Instead of an Epilogue

I always knew that something special exists in ourselves, a dimension, a power, a clarity, a truth greater than we could share with others, even those closest to us. We’ve found ourselves playing roles and we’ve become prisoners of these roles. The Inner Master’s voice which we heard oh so clearly when we were children and adolescents, had almost disappeared. It’s appeared again, recently, or rather we’ve become aware of it in the past years, months or weeks. We’ve tried to ignore it, to bury it. It does not work. It becomes bigger and makes us uncomfortable as we try to silence it. The time has come to make it manifest. It is the voice of our greatness, of our inner truth, of our authenticity. We shall rise on our two feet, despite the sticky threads of the past and of society, which say the same old texts: you can’t, you don’t deserve it, you aren’t good enough, you are worth nothing. We will listen to the voice of our own inner verticality and we shall find the courage to become what we felt for a long time now that we truly are. Much more than we dared to be until now. We shall rise above conditioning and helplessness, above fear and sloth, above the fear of the unknown and of getting closed in, above loneliness and aggression so that we can live to our fullest. We will create realities we want for ourselves, we will create joy and freedom, we will rise above the old systems and we will re-create ourselves. We will step out of silence and will share with others what we are, without fear of expressing, without expectations, without pretence. We will fulfil our need for connection with others and with the Whole without fear of being hurt or betrayed, because what we truly are cannot be hurt and doesn’t need anything else to live a fulfilled and significant life.


We will find our calling in this life and we shall fulfil our sacred contract for which we came here, in this splendid world. We will transform reality through ourselves, through the choices and through our actions. We shall fulfil our dreams and will live love. We will focus on what unites us rather than what separates us and we shall look at others as aspects, as mirrors of our own being.

We will become conscious of the intense sacredness of each moment of our lives on this earth, and the fact that humanity is the manifested expression, in flesh and bone, of the Divine. We will be grateful for the uniqueness of each moment, of each person, of each animal or plant, and we will let ourselves be overcome and marvel at the beauty of life and existence. We shall be touched by the miracle of being and the magic of breathing in the reality of this world.

We will explore, along with others like us, the meanders of consciousness and we shall share this sacred knowledge of existence with anyone that can hear. We will share our feelings and our knowledge, our books, our music, and our experiences and we open the gates of the Sky and Earth again and again for the sacred experience of the Whole/Wholeness, as we have been doing thousands of times in our long history in this dimension of existence, to fulfil the most intense Meaning of being Human yet again.

Everything we have always searched for has always been here, now, accessible, open, available, to be experienced. Let us all live all of these. Together.

This is The Inner Master’s call.



In a world that has been plagued by a long history of destructive pseudo-religious indoctrination, leading to the schizophrenic illusion that us regular people cannot attain the states of consciousness reached by spiritual leaders, Horia Turcanu’s article hits home in a very essential way:

It makes clear that the simple, yet revolutionary truth, which all religions have taught is as profound as it is trivial:
The divine lives inside each and everyone of us, and it is discoverable and experienceable.

Dr. Mark Seelig
Clinical Psychologist
Theological Minister

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