The Magician

 Horia Francisc-Țurcanu

Humanity, fallen in in delusion, has always sought a shortcut to get out of its own unhappiness. Feeling separated from reality it dreamt of magic powers, magic wand, a secret incantation, a sacred technology, hidden knowledge. Those that have sought it have always hoped that this magic will exempt them of their own inner transformation and will provide them with miraculous powers over others. “Nothing is hidden to you” said a great Master of Humanity. Magic exists and is available to anyone that choses to live it. Only it implies stopping searching for a shortcut and re-discovering the truth about ourselves, this Truth which “sets us free”. The Magician exists in each of us. He must be revealed through direct experience of our own potential. The time of Revelation is now.

The Labyrinth

The horizontal dimension of existence, the linear world is an illusion, but its experience is not at all illusory. The pain, the feeling of loneliness, of estrangement, the fear derived from the ceaseless projection of the mind in caring for the future, in criticising the “outside” world and the past, the lack of trust in one’s own strengths, the attention always directed toward the outside of the being, depending on others and the systems which we’ve made together, all these create the labyrinth. Reality seems foreign to us. A kind of cosmic machinery, unstoppable, unknowable in the end, which we cannot master and which causes fear. The easiest way is to search for a magic instrument of change of this world, or at least one capable of saving us from its cogwheels. It exists, not outside ourselves but inward.

While we are searching, it seems that the labyrinth reconstructs infinitely, every step we take. The chain of things and situations that “oppose” seems endlessly inventive. As if the labyrinth answers the steps of our initiatives. In a larger reality, what we call labyrinth, the horizontal dimension of life is a kind of multidimensional mirror of our inner life. It answers emotions like a living being- because it is alive. There is no exit from the labyrinth because anywhere we go, the external reality reflects our inner reality.

For the labyrinth to dissolve we need to stop and turn our attention inward. This is where the source of not only our experience, but for our reality as a whole, resides. What seems to separate us from the outside is a surface made up of our thoughts, emotions, attitude, it is made out of what we believe about ourselves, about others, about this world. The good news is that we are the creators of this surface of separation, ergo we can unmake it. The bad news is that nobody can do this for ourselves and there is no magic instrument or technology, however spiritual or secret that can do this for us.

This is about identifying our deep nature as Creators of reality. The deep wound in ourselves is, in short,  believing that man is separated,foreign, estranged, different from the rest of existence, that the divinity of creation is only around us and not within us. We believe ourselves to be „simple mortals”, while we see divinity as in the heavens, outside, farther away. The dense material world seems to be an interference space between dimensions, a place outside the divine, in which the game of dualities lets us believe that this world is the playing field for the oposing forces of good/evil, and humanity and ourselves are merely lost casualties in this conflict.

The path to discovering that we aren’t innocent casualties in a cosmic war, but the creators of this seemingly extraordinary reality that seems exterior to us. It is about inner personal growth that brings with it the confidence within ourselves and the revelation that reality reflects all our thought processes, emotions, attitudes, and also that our relationships with the world is an energy game, of closing and/or of the aperture which articulates life experience.

The labyrinth is an experience space which absorbs us completely, with which we can become one, as we identify with our roles and our identities. We completely forget what we are and the face that all our identities are more or less councious creations. We completely lose the link with the Vertical dimension of our being. To exist in this manner creates the labyrinth. We are lost in the life experience because we are ripped away from our true nature and the truth about ourselves „The truth shall set your free”! But this is not a truth spoken by others, or by books, or by doctrines, but the Truth found within ourselves and considered the center of our life experience.

The Magician is he who has re-discovered this truth within his own being. The life is different from those lost in the labyrinth because he is concious of the true nature of reality and of his own being. He has not found some magic wand but the magical nature of reality.


Even children know about Einstein’s ecuation which states that matter is energy and vice-versa. Adolescents know that the space within our bodies is mostly empty, and that the nature of reality is vibrating. However, the world we live in contrasts only to shapes. Education, medicine, sciences, and social sistems, politics and the world’s armies, televisions and the mechanisms of control, all relate to shapes, bodies, materials, goods. The energetic dimension of existence is ignored. This is why we see only walls, limitations and restrictions, and not their deceptive nature. Some believe that there is an universal conspiracy at play, occult powers that hold humanity in a cognitive cage to exercise it’s power, which hide the truth so that it is not found out by the unhappy and opressed, masses. However there is another point of view, in which these groups receive only what they want, only what they desire.

They require safety and the systems of power of this world offer it. Thus they sell ensurances for everything, they build armies, police and security mechanisms as a response to their need for safety. But behind this need is a profound fear of the multitude of unkowns, the feeling of insecurity that comes from self separation, not iminent danger, from the tear between the environment and our own power. The masses want to be provided with jobs and want to receive pension at the end of their life, and they get just that. The whole economic, military, political, social, medical, educational system was founded on that uncertainty, on this fear of the unknown. Detached from the heavens and the earth, without a wider vision on the world and of existence, walking on the earth and believing that the world is a vale of tears in which all things were already created by others, thinking that they cannot do anything to fundamentally change their own life experience, the masses end up believing that they are unhappy because someone or something is hiding the truth of the world.

They believe themselves prisoners of the system, of the occult powers and of some unknown divinity, hidden in the sky, who doesn’t care of the atrocities that happen on this planet. They do not consider themselves responsible for their own life experience and they do not see that they are being served a truth proportional to themselves. This world’s systems give them everything. And ask for everything in return. Meaning life. Thus, people are born, live inside these systems, are raised for these systems, the schools educate for them to believe that reality is only in what they can see with their eyes. Comfortably, the masses accept this view, they give up their own questions, their own answers, in favour of some answers that were already given. People live in convention and platitude, in mediocrity, running after the truths served on television to judge this world. Everything happens outside. There is nothing left of their focus to use on the space within. And thus, the labyrinth persists, fed by the very people that feel they are oppressed by it and that don’t realise that it is their own energy that fuels it. Their own life’s energy.

Each move feeds the labyrinth. This world’s systems feed with our energy, with everyone’s energy. We ask for changing the ways in which this world works without imagining even for a moment that we need to change something about ourselves, and that by engaging in completely, through our presence, with our vital energy, to each and every one of this world’s systems.

The feeling of injustice, of frustration, the feeling that the labyrinth is keeping us prisoners, of senselessness triggers some to fight the systems. But again, it’s about the outward projection of responsibility. “They are to blame for this unjust world that’s destroying itself, we are victims and we revolt”. The fight with “them” spares us from looking within. Ghandi said that “We should become the change we want to see in the world”, how many of us do this?

With this in mind, searching for the magic wand is understandable. “There must be a way, something, knowledge, a master, a path, a method to save me from unhappiness”. Magic, as a solution for leaving the labyrinth. Demand breeds supply. “Change your life miraculously, in 7 steps”. Countless trainers, coaches, councillors, psychologists, success or happiness trainers, all exploit the demand and create supply. The temptation is irresistible. A quick path toward a life outside the labyrinth. Shattering the illusion with a simple click.

The only path toward magic is within, in the mechanisms of conscious creation of reality.

The Makers

We are the makers of our reality whether we are conscious of this or not. Reality flows in us through each though, through each emotion, through each gesture, through each relationship, with other people and with the world. Each of us is a source of this reality to which we contribute fully. The wars of this world are our own inner wars, projected outward. We watch television and believe that it’s about them, not about us.

Something has changed in this dimension, considering that the people in charge of this world have reached the conclusion that fear needs to be maintained more consistently, that they must make new wars and new systems, for the illusion to keep going. A part of humanity awakens, the other senses awakening, because a conscious man radiates around himself the potential of consciousness for others. More and more people realise that the magician’s wand of reality is in their hands and has been from the start. It is the start of the transformation not only for their own life but of the reality we live.

We are creators or reality, but as long as we are not conscious of this, it does not matter. We then start to awoken and then it hits us: What, you mean I am responsible for… the whole life experience? Well yes. It is a complex game of perception, thinking of reality and of self-expression, which creates life experience. The difference is the identity that we take. This is where most people that are in the process of inner transformation are. The scope of our reality creation is in direct correlation with the scope of identity which we assume and the degree in which we are centred on our own life experience. The more our identity is rigid and limited, the less our creation scope becomes.

The magic starts with moving our gaze within, with reclaiming our centre, which is the term we use to describe the state of attention which describes Presence in our own lives. Attention is the magic instrument for creating reality. The energy which we call Attention makes all things move, relationships to transform, it’s the sacred energy of Divinity within ourselves. The way in which we use Attention is defining for the paradigm in which we live. Everything seems to be made to absorb our Attention horizontally, but it depends solely on us how we manage to stay centred. This will allow for the investment of this sacred energy in the thing that we want and not in the things we fear. Attention fuels with vitality any dimension of life. Most people invest attention in thinking, in destructive emotions, in apocalyptic scenarios, in hurtful identities. The magic start with withdrawing our attention within.

Step two is creating inner reality at the level of thought, emotion, physical and energetic states. We are not prisoners of thought, of emotions, of states, but their makers and masters. Too many times, we’ve been strangers to the space within, so ignorant that it feels like our states come from nothing, and our life’s situations reflect this inner chaos. The feeling of helplessness of tearing amplifies. But this doesn’t matter. In humanity’s consciousness there is enough potential so that each of us can access and incorporate it. It is a matter of Attention, of choice and eventually of creation of our own conditions.

It’s the premise of creating a new exterior reality of the body, a new reality of life and a new life experience. Each man that lives in this state, in his own life, changes reality as a whole.

We see people each that change life experience and the reality of their world. There are more and more of them. The whole School of the Inner Master is about this transformation. The Magician is just another name for the Inner Master. Reality magically answers immediately to the transformations that we make within us. Keeping your Attention within allows for change in the ways of thinking, of emotional models, of inner states, of the energy that we invest in relationships, actions and projects. It is about what we want to create in our lives, and not about what others want for us.

In other words, our own energy becomes the creating instrument of the reality that we desire. It already seems like common ground for many that speak of this, but few can do this. This transformation of the way that we create reality, reroutes the sacred energy of attention form maintaining the systems of this world and focuses it toward raising a reality in which our dreams become reality.

People mostly feed off their outside world, they do what they “need to do”, and not what they feel brings them joy, and definitely not what they feel that is their own expression. On this the whole construction of reality is built upon and this is the source of all the mechanisms of this world. We are brought up for them, educated for them. We become the engines of this world which, on the other hand makes us feel separated and crushed. Paradoxically, it feeds with the energy of our heart, the source which we are within ourselves. We remain obedient in the system because we are afraid. We want guarantees and we get them. The systems insulate us from any risk. If it isn’t enough risk, then they create it, precisely so that we stay docile and fuel the machine.

Fear is the biggest trap for a creator. It is born always in identification, from the limited identity that we assume.


Instead of revolting against the systems of power, we need an inner revolution, which can demolish the old belief systems, fear, indolence, hypocrisy. We need a radical change of our ways of thinking. Everything we “know” we’ve been thought. It’s time to know from our own experience who and especially what we are. The inner Revolution is one of Consciousness, meaning perception, of feeling our true nature. Knowing ourselves is not about “knowing” ourselves. We already know, and that’s what makes us prisoners. We think we are a cog in the system, in a machine, we believe that the reality of our lives depends on everything but ourselves. We believe, like children, that we depend on others to survive, to create, to be. This is false, a cognitive error that can be corrected through direct experience of our true nature. And this experience entails redirecting our Attention within. While we are outside we can experiment only the state of dependence of reality. Within we start to see who we are.

This inner revolution is not a violent one, it does not start through denial and the judgement of what we once were, it doesn’t base itself on the rejection of any of the aspect of our being. It’s a peaceful revolution, a revolution based on embracing all of our aspects, a peace with our own past. Saying yes. Thus, all our energy invested in the past becomes available for new creation, we are no longer facing the past, instead we are looking at a future that hasn’t been built, or decided, and is waiting to be created right now.

It is a revolution of perception about ourselves and about the whole reality, but with a revolution in the way that we create reality. Like any revolution, it is a choice.

Being a slave to the outward system is comfortable. Nothing is more comfortable than obeying. It’s painful, but we do not need to do anything ourselves. Conversely, the inner revolution demands effort. An effort of Attention. Any thought is creation, any emotion, any state is our responsibility, our inner states, the way that we relate with the world, and everything is within our territory of expression. The degree in which we are closed or open is the degree in which we perceive abundance, of gifts that we receive from the Whole, and the measure in which we express ourselves is that of joy for our lives. To change inner reality leads to change of our whole life’s reality and of this world.

For some of you, who are already on your own Journey of The Heart, projecting responsibility of your own lives outward is an act of abdication of what you discover that you are. Of course, not everyone is ready for the inner revolution. Everywhere around you there are people that have more human experience to live until this transformation. They make the majority of the forces that, indeed, want humanity to remain as it is. But you know already from direct experience the creative power that flows within you and the true nature of reality. You already know what you are and yet many times inertia, sweet laziness of going with the current is more comfortable than the conscious creation of your own reality, first within and then made manifest in life experience.

Nothing and no one can stop a human being to live. Awakening is within, it is the revolution that I’m referring to here. It is the path to living the Magician. You do not need a wand, instead you need Consciousness. Nothing and no one can stop this process, because this is the natural way of everything that exists. Awakening is just as natural as identifying. More and more people feel this way and discover the confidence in their own powers to create.

The whole community „The Journey of the Heart” and The Inner Master School is about this awakening and about the simple means of this inner revolution. The relentless practice of the State of Presence, in all life’s circumstances opens the gate of the conscious creation of life experience of reality. We are in an extraordinarily precious moment. But it is also provocative. The peaks of humanity’s Consciousness boil. New connections open between people and they start to discover the immense value of together. Larger identities become possible to experience, and the inner source of reality become possible based on the calibre of these new identities.


Shapes are energies in motion. We are prisoners of the labyrinth only as long as we validate shape and only shape as reality. What creates the energy we decode as form is the vital energy, emotion, thought, the vision that we invest in this energy. All these are more refined dimensions of reality. All flow from us and are changed through choice, all become the lived reality, experience. By becoming conscious of this process, we become conscious of the way in which reality is articulated and the experience of our lives. It seems complicated, for the mind. But it is not about articulating an inner process founded in thought. Because thinking is a massive effort to report to a spherical multidimensional reality, for our mind is a linear instrument, we start to be able to administer our inner states as we like. It is the start of conscious creation of reality.

Magic is available to anyone that chooses the responsibility of their own states, of their own thinking of their own emotions. To anyone that manages to create thought that is new, fresh, unpolluted by what we believe we know, and not mechanical, repetitive. The gates of perception are, in these times, wide open. It requires belief in what you feel, of validating your own perception. The rest comes naturally.

It is the right moment to open the gates of inner magic in your life. If you feel this thing, that you are in the point where you can make a great transformation but you do not see how, then it’s the moment to open the simple instruments of Presence, and to start practicing. If you are already a practitioner of the State of Presence, then you may need that “together”, that opening that potentiates the inner processes, and gives them accuracy and efficiency. And that is the moment for you to open yourself up to our work circles of the Inner Master School. Or perhaps you are an experienced practitioner of working with your own consciousness, and you feel that the great switch is near. For this we’ve prepared at the end of the year a great Journey of Transformation. The switch moment

Wherever you find yourself in the process of your inner revolution it is time for you to know that you’re not alone, and that there are many people that go through this process and that Magic is not only possible, but is the only way. Of course, you can keep spinning in the concentric circles of your linear life however long you want. People are creators with fully developed powers of choice. Once you feel the inner signals of awakening, on that day, any hour spent in the labyrinth hurts more and more.

The wants of the soul, of our hearts, of the creator within us are very different from those of the ego, of our linear identity. The soul wants connection, creation, freedom, beauty, truth, wants to express itself, expansion, scope and the depth of the life experience. The linear identity, those who we think we are, the ego, wants safety, wants assurance, prefers platitude and servitude, conventionalism, obedience, prefers projecting responsibility, the pension at the end of his life and the indolence of sitting in front of the television. The soul wants to create reality. The ego wants only to watch reality from the side lines, to criticise it, to throw blame on others, on the government, on conspiracies, on systems. The soul is omnipotent, filled with joy, fearless, limitless, it is connected with others, with nature, with the planet, with the sky, with the earth, it is loving and free, it is open and creative. The ego is limited, helpless, dark, both defensive and offensive, disconnected from the deep truth of the world, of the sky of the earth, disconnected from body and of others, sunken deep within the mind, it wants to control because it fears, it is suspicious, unhappy and especially dishonest. The soul wants novelty. The ego wants things to not change substantially, again because it fears change.

The Magician

The magician within ourselves is fuelled by the great source of the heart, it is an expression of the desires of our soul more than the ego. The Magician perceives the whole of reality as a multidimensional field that he modulates at the sources level, of the heart, for him reality is a space of creation at a mental level, emotional, energetic, relational, for him dreams are a way to create a dense reality, embodied, charged. The magician does not despise the body, because for him it is a temple of divinity situated in human experience. For him, relationships are ways his inner divinity can discover itself and express itself. For him, fear is a blockage that limits creation and that is why he is brave. That does not mean he does not fear, it merely means he is not conditioned by it. For him, thought is not a labyrinth that keeps him prisoner, it is a fabulous instrument of creation of reality. He perceives acutely the fact that his thoughts are seeds of interrupted reality and that is why he is a master of creative thought. He lives in joy because with each breath reality emerging from him represents him. He loves people and human experience because he recognises himself in everything that is humanity.

The magician does not follow realities already created, he does not believe in anything before he experiences it himself, and he is not antiquated, as they say, it seems instead that reality and the times follow him. Strangely for others, he seems to possess uncanny luck, the right people come in his life when he needs them, situations arrange miraculously to serve him, he is smiling and confident even in moments of sorrow, he is without prejudice, of prudence, he is not calculated. He does not try to control reality, he tries to create it. He does not walk the beaten path, he is curious and has the precious gift of listening. The Magician is beautiful because in his system of reference he is conscious of the beauty and greatness of Creation of which we all are a part of. He is generous, because he believes that he has the sentiment of abundance. He is in love with life in a way that others seem to think is imprudent.

He does not wear a wizard hat, or a wand, he seems ordinary. But his natural sheen makes him special, wherever he is. He does not believe in systems, in rules, in authority, he does not believe the old texts, he does not practice any religion, or politics, he does not fight for any cause and does not have any other morals except love. He possesses the gifts of healing and of knowledge in a natural way, although he does not take part in any therapeutic or ontological current. He does not recognise any master and any way outside of his own heart. Or on the contrary, sees all people as masters, sometimes even against what they believe of themselves. He does not follow any ideology, he is not a moralist, he does not speak from books, and he gives no quotes, no advice. Sometimes he seems to listen to reality, he seems to hear things other people have never heard, other times he says things that surprise even him. He practices the magic of spontaneity, of presence. He always seems to be the cream of the crop of life.

The Magician is in every one of us. He awaits to be lived.

HFT (Agnis)

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