The Journey of the Heart

The Journey of the Heart

It is a communion and a community of exploration, knowledge, healing through direct experience of Being.

It is the journey from ego identity, closed, limited, linear to the soul wide identity, the one of the Master which has the Awareness of its multiple layers of identity, the one of the inner Creator which has the Awareness off all aspects.

It is a journey of Awareness about ourselves and about the nature of reality.

It turns the perspective on the self, on the inner nature, but also on the entire Creation.

It changes the way of self-definition and relationship with others. It changes the entire life.

It’s absolute base is knowledge through direct experience. There is not a theory here.

Integral Personal Development

Personal Development refers to the evolution of linear personality, based on the identification with the mind. It is absolutely necessary but not enough to live at the highest potential of Being. To transcend and integrate linear dimension commonly called ego, it needs a new way of perceiving ourselves and reality.

Integral Personal Development includes the spiritual dimension, vertical, transcendent of the existence and its integration into the linear human experience.

It is based on the State of Presence practice as a way to relate to all reality, both inside and outside.

It cultivate opennesscompassion and clarity as expressions of our true nature and it leads to accessing authenticity, creativity and joy of life.

The Complete Personal Development Objective is living life at the highest potentials, at the Inner Mastery level: conscious creation of own life reality.

The Inner Master

It is a deep level of Consciousness and Awareness that transcends and includes dense dimensions (body, energy, emotion, mind) and integrates the spiritual dimensions of Being. It is the human, fully aware of his true nature and reality, the one who lives in his life, here, now, this Truth.

It is an expanded state of human Consciousness that can be stabilized on a daily experience.

It is a state towards humanity as a whole is moving. It cannot be taught through traditional means of our minds, but only through direct experience of the expansion and by integration into linear life of expanded Consciousness states.

Main attributes of Inner Master state are: the state of PresenceAwareness (perception), Transparency (non-identification), Resonance (compassion), the Ability to Feel and to manage different states, to listen, to act from within the state of Presence.

Inner Master is an Aware human being, he recognizes his Creator’ side of his own experience. He is human and divine simultaneously and aware of that. There is a human being cured of the illusion of separation from the whole.

The attributes of Master’s human experience are: Conscious CreationJoy arising from creation, the Ability to navigate among different states, situations and so on. The Master lives within the world, not outside it.

The Inner Master Path

An experiential way of self-transformationself-healingself-knowledge through expanded states of Consciousness experience and their integration through linear dimension.

Involves a transformation of Consciousness

Involves a transformation of Consciousness, of how we perceive the world and ourselves. The more we are Aware of deeper dimensions of our being and our reality, the identity that we assume is wider.

The search for answers and visions is inside

The Inner Master Path doesn’t search for answers and visions outside, but inside. It requires to assume completely the reality, to take responsibility on it, as a prerequisite for the life changing.

The Practice of Presence

The Practice of Presence is an inner discipline of the body, energy, emotion, mind, and all contents born from Presence. It starts as a spiritual practice and ends as a practice of each moment and each gesture of everyday life.

It leads to the discovery that the inner reality is our own creation, and Reality which seems external is just a reflection of inner space.

t is the path to the Conscious Creation of Reality. It has enormous ontological and practical implications leading to the complete transformation of how we look to ourselves and Life.

It has tremendous therapeutic implications on all density levels of Being by managing corporal, energetic, emotional or mental states, and by opening to Inner Master intuition and vision. It changes relationships with ourselves and everything around us, liberating from conditionings and fears by opening the way to a free life.

It brings a new quality of our actions into the linear dimension: to do from what you are.

From the Practice of Presence come all Directions of Experience of the Inner Master School.

Our Values

  • Consciousness – The ultimate mission of every human being
  • Responsibility – Taking responsibility for your own life
  • Experience – The only authentic knowledge
  • Presence – The gate to all dimensions of Being
  • Sharing – Together is always easier!
  • Self-Confidence – The miracle that changes the way we feel and perceive the reality
  • Authenticity – To be ourselves, at our highest potential
  • Gratefulness – The open heart to the grate-fulness and the oportunity of this moment
  • Joy – The highest expression of Consciousness
  • Compassion – The others are our mirrors
  • Life – The great celebration of all dimension of existence

The Founders

Elena Francisc Turcanu

Psychologist and a Transpersonal Therapist, a Life and Holistic Coach for those who desire personal and integral development, a Guide into deep Journeys of Expanded States of Consciousness and a Mentor for those going through a psycho-spiritual emergency.

She creates and holds workshops on Integral Personal Development. She structured and synthesized important orientations within The Inner Master Path like: The Practice of The Feminine Power, The Dance of the Heart and The Heart Breath method.

She shares, just like you, a powerful characteristic: the thirst for wholeness. And like you, her desire for personal development has compelled her to seek out the most effective resources, to create the most impactful workshops and journeys, personal development programs, to guide people into bringing clarity on their objectives and attaining their goals. Her biggest passion is to inspire and challenge people into finding and manifesting their true potential. To create breakthroughs and to awaken the human spirit in everyone who is open for change and transformation.

She is also passionate in working with vital and physical body’s energies – as a mirror of the entire Body of Consciousness – with healing and inner transformation purposes. She has respect, knowledge and a deep passion for working with Sacred Plants.

A Master in working with the refined energies of Being, a Teacher and a Holistic Healer. She studied with Stanislav Grof and brought the Holotropic Breathwork in Romania. She also studied and worked with Dr. Richard Moss, John Welwood, Tony Robbins.

Her vocation is working with the feminine dimension of Existence and with couple relationships. She loves creating Community and Communion as means of collective transformation of the human experience. She guides sessions of exploring Consciousness, sessions of individual and group healing and transformation. And, as a Life Coach, she loves to guide towards gaining new tools and deep confidence for breaking limitations and old believes, towards skills that can be used to inspire and empower others.

She has written many articles on experiential psychology, personal development and spirituality and she holds conferences, workshops and seminars on Expansion of Consciousness and spiritual transformation.

She is the Founder of Elena Francisc Publishing House – The Inner Master Books, Founder and President of Transpersonal Therapies Association.

Before creating, together with Horia Francisc-Țurcanu, The Journey of The Heart Community, she was a Psychologist, a Transpersonal Therapist and The Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine (Romanian Edition).

Horia Francisc Turcanu

Transpersonal Therapist, a Guide in Journeys of Consciousness expansion, a Life Coach for those who desire personal and integral development and a Mentor for those in a psycho-spiritual transformation.

He creates and facilitates Personal Integrated Development workshops. He structured and integrated the assembly of experiential practices and theoretical conclusions named The Inner Master Path, and orientations like Conscious Breathing, The Practice and The State of Presence and The Heart Breath method.

Horia’s passion is working with the deepest contents of the human psychic and bringing them into Awareness for ontological, therapeutically and inner transformation purposes. He creates and guides Consciousness Exploring Sessions, both personal and in groups.

Writer and poet, he published numerous articles, essays, interviews, coverage on transpersonal psychology, personal development, on spirituality and philosophy. Author of the best written and seller: The Inner Master Book. Author of „44

He holds Conferences on Expanding States of Consciousness and Spirituality and he is the Creator of The Consciousness Spherical Model (TM). He created the theoretical foundation of The Inner Master School which he founded together with Elena Francisc-Turcanu.

Senior Publisher at Elena Francisc Publishing House and Co-President of The Transpersonal Therapies Association.

Before founding The Journey of The Heart Community, he was a journalist and reporter, a TV documentary, news producer and Director.

Your Journey of the Heart is about to begin