The Magician

Humanity, fallen in in delusion, has always sought a shortcut to get out of its own unhappiness. Feeling separated from reality it dreamt of magic powers, magic wand, a secret incantation, a sacred technology, hidden knowledge. Those that have sought it have always hoped that this magic will exempt them of their own inner transformation and will provide them with miraculous powers over others. “Nothing is hidden to you” said a great Master of Humanity. Magic exists and is available to anyone that choses to live it. Only it implies stopping searching for a shortcut and re-discovering the truth about ourselves, this Truth which “sets us free”. The Magician exists in each of us. He must be revealed through direct experience of our own potential. The time of Revelation is now.

The Inner Master’s Call

In each of us lives The Master. Asleep. He waits to be woken and most of all lived. Mastery is about two things. The first is Perception or Consciousness, meaning the depth of reality of which we are able to perceive. The Second is Integration, meaning the measure in which we manage to live in accord with what we perceive, with our most comprehensive Truth. Both dimensions of the Inner Mastery are fundamental and they condition the quality of our life experience. If our Perception is limited to the visible dimension of existence, the Identity we assume is limited by the narrow and restrictive world of shapes, filled with conditionings. It is the way in which most people live. It becomes a way of life so painful that at some point it triggers a „spiritual search” or „self-searching”.

Face to face with the Reality we have created

Repressed anger and the shinnying hypocrisy of the world we live in. The fundamental need to Connect with one another. Identities and transcendence. Psychological growth and assuming responsibility of or reality, of our life. The world is as it is because you are as you are. The world’s wars are representations of our inner wars. Europe’s Psycho-spiritual transformation crisis, an identity crisis. Each choice we make, each gesture, each act, thought or emotion is an answer to the question “Who are we?”