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The Art of Deep Listening

Healing. Knowledge. Transformation

Your program includes

Inner Journeys

7 deep guided meditations 
Each one on fundamental themes
in your inner process of transformation

Personal Work

7 Worksheets
with questions and work themes,
which guide your entire inner approach

You get access to your page where you can find everyday:

The Journey of the Day, guided by AmmaRa
A daily Worksheet with questions and work themes
which orient and guide your entire inner approach

Some of the themes that we approach together in this adventure:

Listen to your body!
Listen to your love relationship!
Be The Source!
About sexuality
About the beliefs no longer serving you
Loving kindness
Listen to your emotions and learn from them

The Program

What is The Art of Deep Listening?

The Journey to wholeness

The Art of Deep Listening

is a journey to what you already are, and not a journey outside of you. This is why, during the entire Retreat, I invite you many times to take, or better yet, to create an opened attitude, without which listening is not possible. To adopt inner positions which represent what you truly are – beyond masks, roles, and identities.

A great revelation

Truth. Freedom. Beauty. Love. Creative Power. They are all within you.

The Art of Deep Listening is carrying you, such as life, through different and unexpected recesses of your consciousness. Beyond the limits that you put to yourself. Beyond everything you thought that you are. Or that you aren’t. Or that you can’t. The practice of listening carries you toward your wholeness and multiplicity, toward your freedom and complexity. Toward your truth and your beauty. Beyond the need to be somewhere else than exactly where you are now. Beyond the existential search to discover, by sitting in deep listening, that you have everything within you.

The great benefit of this Program

You create the reality that you want in your life

Discontinuing toxic habits, the beliefs that no longer serve you, the patterns of compulsive thinking, limitations, and doubts. By practicing deep listening, you will remember, more and more, who you truly are. A single sitting to listen is not enough. A single experience of expansion of consciousness is not enough, or a single class. Practice is necessary. This online Retreat teaches you the practice of listening.

Listening is not only about sounds. Listening is about our attitude towards reality. Towards the experience of life.
All things that we ever wished for ourselves, all the states, all the knowledge, the connection, the creation – inside and outside us – all of them open up to us when we choose to listen to them.

What is this listening bringing us?

  • Listening to our body, the dense dimension of being, opens the gates to physical health and retrieval of the ancestral memory of the soul, but also the healing of the transgenerational chains.
  • Listening to our vital energies, which we pour in every gesture, relationship, action, opens the gates to the relational healing and releases us of the blocked potential in everything we’d like to do.
  • Listening to our emotions is the first step toward the release of fear, anger and others similar, the first step to peace, inner harmony and compassion.
  • Listening to our thinking is the first step toward the inner discipline of mind. Listening requires inner silence. How could we think what we want to think, if we do not manage first to quench the discursive waves of our own mind? Listening is the key, once again.

What are we looking for?

We are all looking for a couple of essential things in our lives:

connection with others,
the joy of living, of creating things which represent us,
the joy of perceiving the deeper Truth of our own being,
the joy of being our own self, the joy of knowing,
healing, in a way or another,
love, recognition, peace

Invitation from AmmaRa

Dear friend,

We are living in some disturbing times where calmness and inner peace need to be created consciously. We all feel, in our own ways, this period, that this period is fraught with shattering features. For sure, you also feel the madness, the agitation and disturbance in which we all are. Deep contents, belonging to the past, seem to come to light, for resolution. Radical plot twists seem to surprise us, sometimes. Difficult moments, when we feel like our whole life is baffled, or that we’re losing everything. All seems to get darker due to the agitation in which we live.

What do we do in such a situation? What do you do when you leave ‘the’ out agitation, confusion, doubt? I would be glad for you to share with me what helps you in these moments. For me, the practice of listening, comes to bring the answer to all this agitation, to this continuous stress which became a serial killer.

The Journey, The Art of Deep Listening comes to help you as well, to relate yourself in a new way to all of these, leading you to different areas of your being and the reality you’ve created for yourself. It is a journey that helps you place yourself in a new way, in the middle of your own life.

Almost everyone leave out ‘the area’ of relationships, health, finances, creation – which they want to improve. To know that you want to make changes, is easy. But to keep your focus on what you’ve decided you want and choose to change… this is the great challenge. And, most of the times, the hardest thing to do is to take the first step.


What if the first step would be for you to just sit down and listen to yourself, in order to get clarity?
Toward this first step – the most important of them all, if you ask me – I can guide you.

I am glad to be able to share with you the invitation to this adventure in the program.

A disturbing and profoundly changing journey which has at its base my sincere intention to contribute to the creation of a world where we listen more to one another, to ourselves and the others, to feel and love each other, to respect and honor each other. To grow the state of presence. To be happy with the simplicity, and beauty, and abundance of life lived consciously.

In this Retreat – The Art of Deep Listening – you explore all dimensions of your life, from health and thinking patterns, behavior patterns, to love relationships, sexuality and beliefs. You explore essential elements that allow you to keep a sincere contact with the subtle levels of your being, but also the most concrete areas of the life that you’re living.

You may find below the details about this program which offers you, daily, for 21 days, the opportunity to be together with me in the sacred space of our hearts longing for connection. Together, in the miracle of the present moment

But, dear friend, you transform the deep listening – truly – into an Art, outside the hour that we spend together. Life happens outside the classes, outside the retreat, the workshops. I am just trying to support you in creating all by yourself the life you’re dreaming of, and this practice – the deep listening – is a tool serving to leave out ‘to’ your growth and evolution. It serves to leave out ‘to’ your healing, transformation, and Wholeness.

I trust that I can offer you this retreat as a gift, remaining flexible, leave out ‘and’ in a flow, and in respect for all the other interests, passions, dreams that you have, and allowing you to feel that The Art of Deep Listening comes to support any other source that might be of interest to you, and not to stop you. Also, it enters now in your life, to potentiate all your inner resources.

I invite you to use The Art of Deep Listening as a foundation
on which you can then build whatever you want and from which
you can expand yourself in whatever direction you feel the need to.

I trust that you allow yourself to explore beyond what you thought you are and that you know about yourself, the others, the world. To create, as you move forward within this program, new perspectives to practice. To clean the filter through which you see, the things, the situations, the relationships, the existence itself. I trust that you allow yourself to feel the energy of all those who commit to this adventure – the deep listening – and that you honor the vibration of „together” in a process of conscious evolution. I’m with you in every step you take during the retreat. I live with you every breath. I’m stepping out, together with you, from my own comfort area, exploring new areas, and sharing with you, my own experience. If you feel the call to join me and the many others wishing to refine the quality of their listening, transforming it into a real art, I am waiting for you gladly to create this journey together. With profound gratitude, AmmaRa

This online Program offers you

A new level of Awareness in your life

Harmonious relationships

Ability to manage destructive emotions

Inner peace and mental clarity

Healing. Knowledge. Transformation

Opportunity to make peace with your Past

You release yourself from limiting beliefs

You create the reality that you want

* The music în this audio is a creation of Mark Seelig

The Art of Deep Listening

The first step in living all of these is this opened attitude 
toward ourselves and toward reality. 
It all starts with listening.


  • 7 days of practicing the listening
  • 7 guided meditations by AmmaRa
  • 7 worksheets
  • 7 inner work relection themes
  • BONUS: Free meditation for you


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You can start the Program in maximum 30 days from the purchase date.
After you initiated the program you have another 10 days to complete all the stages.
Every morning a new meditation is unlocked and a new Worksheet also.

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"I am an entrepreneur, a doer. I have started together with my wife and friends two companies, two associations and many other projects. I am a doer and I used to be a poor listener. I realized how much I hurt people I love, and how many opportunities and ideas I ignored by being such a poor listener, and I believed that this can’t change. The Art of Deep Listening is a shift in my life, a precious gift that I made to myself and a regular practice ever since. I am still a doer but I’m becoming every day a better listener. I listen to myself, my body, my emotions and thoughts, I listen to the reality and this brings me inspiration, intuition, simplicity and beautiful relations in my life."
"I express here the Joy and the Gratitude for this 21-days magic journey with AmmaRa in The Art of Deep Listening, which, for me, is about ME... about US... about TOGETHER... about FEELING MYSELF... about LISTENING TO MYSELF... about OPENING MYSELF... about remembering daily of all the TOOLS, the ENERGIES and MY INNER POWERS of which I unfortunately forget, sometimes... It is about sitting down and asking myself, daily, HOW DO I WANT to be? And, by listening within myself, the answer comes: I want to be The CREATOR OF a CONSCIOUS LIFE!...This Journey of The Art of Deep Listening is about being in balance with MYSELF. Thank you, AmmaRa!"
"The Journey The Art of Deep Listening appeared into my life at the best time for myself. It was like it’ s been created for myself and for my need at that moment. I am grateful for the smiles and the tears that AmmaRa, with her voice and presence, provoked within me, but also for the energy of the connection with alll the people that I felt they have chosen to open up and listen, and heal, and transform. I am grateful for the release that I felt after sharing."
"The Art of Deep Listening led me within a process of introspection, of being aware of fears, rejections, delays. Old emotions torn, sometimes confusion, but also curiosity. Days are flowing... none is the same, as I used to think... I woke up full of life, I can’t wait to listen to you, and to listen to myself. Your voice, AmmaRa, vibrates within me, I feel it many times as being mine."
"In the morning, while I am sitting to listen, I embrace myself and I feel the bright energetical touch of the other participants that are in this journey with me. We are all learning to listen. I am, sometimes, so sleepy very early in the morning that I have to consciously connect with AmmaRa using the wire of attention. Sometimes, I even slip into the waters of sleep, in front of the opened window, with a deep Trust that the light weave, I am a part of, supports me and protects my Dream. It is the most challenging journey and the longest I am participating into. The day starts earlier for me and, until the evening, following the suggested theme in the worksheet of the day, I find answers to questions about which I never thought. And the touch of some painful themes pushes the limits of the knowledge on the slippery land that I wouldn’t have had the courage to adventure myself in."
"The Art of Deep Listening does not end, it starts now... in intimate and disciplined mornings which continues, like like journey of the New Moon, and keeps the connection kind and fertile. A great synchronicity I found in my emotions, in the acceptance or rejection of emotions in the inner journeys guided by AmmaRa. Great synchronicity I found in the physical emotions of my body, even when they became painful. Sharing about them always kept alive a guiding light. A spontaneous perception opened toward forward or a delicate capacity of dissolution penetrated the memory deeply."