The Inner Master School

A school of life

All the programs, workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences held by The Journey of the Heart are united under the name of The Inner Master School. It’s mission is the inner transformation through Awareness. To be more aware and learn to live a more conscious life is to be willing to perceive different levels of Consciousness, levels that create the mind-body-spirit continuum.

It is a school of direct experience, of living the deepest and highest dimensions of Consciousness and of integrating those dimensions into the daily life, so that we arrive to express our full potential. The degree of being Aware creates the Identity that we assume in our life. In this way it’s a school for transcending different levels of Identity, and for manifesting in our life the creativity, the joy and the vision of Spirit.

The tools that we use in our approach are gathered under the name of “The Practice of Conscious Breathing and of The State of Presence”. This term covers everything that is related to breath-work, working with Attention, techniques that open the gates of perception as a premise for inner transformation. We have developed certain directions of eXperience in our workshops, meant to deepen the therapeutic, ontological and personal development process.

The applied work with altered states of Consciousness favors an inner path that can be seen in all aspects of life: relation with the Self, with the others, the state of physical, energetic, emotional and mental health. It is a school of Authenticity, of inner Trust and of Trust in existence, a School of Joy and Creativity. It is a school that goes much further personal development and reaches the meaningful Spiritual dimension of Being. It is a School of Life. It is a School of Mysteries.

The whole knowledge through experience and transcending different levels of Consciousness have been gathered by the founders in a practical and theoretical system called The Inner Master Path, meant to be useful for everyone who chooses self-knowledge through straight experience.

Like the old schools of mysteries, The Inner Master School has different levels of experience and integration designed to gradually facilitate the exploration of our Being.

Your Journey of the Heart is about to begin